Riley is an original comedy series about life's nosedives {in the aftermath of fame} -



Riley is an original comedy series about a former teen pop star. Now in her thirties, she’s struggling to overcome a publicly humiliating downfall and subsequent nervous breakdown. But, it’s the power of friendship and the quirky characters she meets along the way that just might get her through…

The series opens with Riley Mathis, a former teen pop star, now a thirty-something cynic and telephone/online psychic rushing from work with her best friend Sam to their local bar to celebrate her birthday. While there, Riley drools over Remy, a barfly and serious loser. She ignores the obviously in love with her bartender, Henry, because in her opinion, he is too much of a dreamer.

Sam questions Riley on her disinterest in Henry, knowing all too well that her life-long friend was emotionally stilted by a publicly humiliating downfall during their glory years as teen pop sensations. To which cynical Riley lists off the litany of Henry’s defunct get-rich-quick ideas, including entertainment kits for the coming apocalypse and tasers for teachers.

Henry tries desperately to get Riley’s attention, but it's obvious she only has eyes for Remy. While at work the next day, Riley’s unconventional boss Gavin, tries to woo her with his clever miming abilities and burgeoning Twitter following. Riley treats him cruelly much to Sam’s dismay. 

Sam and Riley proceed to argue when Sam calls her out for only wanting Remy because he poses no threat to her emotionally. Sam's at a loss over trying to convince Riley that she should take a chance in life once again. Later at the bar, Remy comes on to Riley after breaking up with his current girlfriend.

After finally hearing the truth from her best friend, will Riley continue to play it safe with another dead end relationship, or actually open her heart to the new possibilities ahead?


The entire season 1 bible and all 13 episodes are written. The series is ready for pick up + actively seeking partners.

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Riley by Tracey Maye (ep. 1 - ep. 3) has been honored by the following organizations for screenwriting...

Official Selection: Houston Comedy Film Festival (Winner) + Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival, California International Shorts Festival, Downbeach Film Festival, Marquee Lights Screenwriting Awards + Aura Screenwriting Awards                                                                                                                   


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